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The axiom in gambling, that the house always wins and the odds are always against the player may still be as true with online casinos as it was with land-based casinos. However, there is a perception among players that it is difficult to play with machines, because they are lifeless. One of the main reasons players prefer and continue to play at real casinos is the fear of online machines.

Some roulette lovers would rather have the wheel spun by a human rather than a machine that is not trustworthy. They have this eerie fear that the machine is programmed in such a way that players do not win.

Global Live Casino understands the psyche of the traditional player and towards alleviating this fear of online casino games; has brought something valuable to players: live games such as live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live poker etc.

Playing live roulette online has never been easy than at Global Live Casino which is a pioneer in advanced live gaming technology. Players now play live against other humans who are handled by a human dealer. No more machines or animated characters; just real humans everywhere.

Players swoon over the live roulette game at this casino as they know they are in the safest of hands, playing at a highly secure and trustworthy casino, and playing against real people.

While a computer can never take the place of a glamorous casino with lights, it certainly adds to the atmosphere having a well-dressed woman or man serving as the dealer, surrounded by other well-dressed players in tuxedos.